I seek validation from the wrong things, the wrong people, the wrong audience.

I write perfectly well in my sleep and my brain goes numb everytime I pick a pen.

I’m a sucker — a sucker for hugs and numerous things.

I hide behind my shadow when I’m around a lot of people who do not understand the feeling of anxiety and fear.

I tell myself I’ll do better after a failed attempt, but procrastination creeps right under my skin every night before.

I read a lot to find an escape for my mind, but even the books I read keeps me up at night, wondering.

See, it still messes with my head, but I find it quite intriguing because it keeps my mind busy from the normalcy of the world.

There are days I try to speak my truth to another soul, but I am not one to show weakness or vulnerability. Lies I tell myself.

I’m tired most days from doing nothing. I’m mostly tired of myself.

I want to do better, I want to be me. I’m fighting with myself daily and I hope I win.