A September To Remember


You were in high spirits, getting ready for the day. There was a social activity going on in your college that for once in a lifetime meant something to you. You couldn’t miss it for anything in the world. You dressed really well and catchy. Nobody can match this awesomeness. The excitement was something else and unusual (that can’t be you on a normal day, Monday for that matter!). It was a good thing anyway. Oh, not to mention you had your birthday just the week before. The big 22! How refreshing.

Tuesday Evening:

You couldn’t deal with the thought of your mother not picking nor returning your calls for three consecutive days. They made you believe she was fast asleep after taking her last injection for every time you dialed her number — so much for bad timing.


This happens to be your favourite day on school days, it came with the early morning sun shining through the rugged and broken window of your room in the girls hostel. It was filled with expectations and excitement roaming in the air like the smell of yam and egg sauce coming from the kitchen . What a great way to begin the day.

Thursday morning:

Everything felt different and kind of awkward. The morning sun didn’t wake you up. You beat it’s timing and woke up before it came out from hiding. There was no expectation, no excitement. The air smelt like oatmeal made with cold water. Something is definitely not right. You ignored the feeling and went ahead with your daily routine. You didn’t bother to eat because some days are like that, so you thought. You weren’t dressed to impress — you were just you in a navy blue chiffon top and black pants that made your bow legs look more attractive. You headed for the first bus around 6:15 a.m. Got to school much earlier than usual. There was a struggle to go for the morning prayers, your mind was in a fix.


The rest is history, an inexpressible one. A story that cannot be put into words. No, not yet.



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